Did you know the U.S. government honors the first KKK grandwizard every July 13th??

Yup. Tennessee not only has an OFFICIAL holiday for this murderer, but they also display a bronze bust of him in their state capitol building. His name is Nathan Bedford Forrest and he was the first grandwizturd of the domestic terror group widely known as the ku klux klan. 

When I discovered this, I was distressed for a long time. How can the Black people of Tennessee expect justice from the state if the state honors a person who has committed war crimes and also who presided over a domestic terror group? It reminds me of how in Texas, there is a statue to the treasonous leader of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis. 


Some people wonder why Black people say "Black Lives Matter". Well the reason is because to many, it's clear that Black lives don't matter. If they did, the dominant society wouldn't honor people like Nathan Fuckhead Forrest who were diametrically opposed to the proliferation of Black life.

If you would like to read the governor of Tennessee's white-splaining, NPR has more information here...

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