Irony is a Gay Bar Called "Progress" That Bans Rap Music

You'd easily be forgiven if you mistook this story for satire. But it's 100% true. A Chicago gay bar, in one of the country's largest and "most diverse" cities, banned rap - the most popular genre of music on the planet. 
Now let me be clear about several salient points:
1. Every business has the right to do what the f*** it wants (within reason)
2. No one has to like rap music or any other kind of music
3. Banning a certain kind of music isn't PATENTLY racist
You know how you find yourself trying to figure out where you want to party on the weekend? And your friend suggests a certain place and you rule it out because the music sucks? Yeah. That part.
So it's not really a stretch to think that this gay bar that is ironically called "Progress" might be trying to change its "demographic" by changing the music. They certainly wouldn't be the first club in Chicago to do so.
I can't help but wonder about the politics of this action. Contemporary social justice advocacy begs people to consider the intersectionality of identities. So if you only fight for Black people without explicitly mentioning the LBGTQA community, you might be accused of being homophobic for ignoring a group of people who are also marginalized in this country and abroad. But what happened here at this bar? Who complained? Who petitioned for the change in this bar's music policy? Was it the patrons? The business owner? And how will the patrons (who I would assume are mostly members of the LBGTQA community) respond to this cultural aggression? Will there be boycotts? Or will there just be irritated tweets? Do they care about intersectionality? Or is that not their burden to bear?
I hope the patrons decide to address this fuckery with tangible reprecussion - but I doubt it. Dr. John Henrik Clarke famously said, "The Black community has no friends." And with the "progress" we've seen in this country lately - or lack thereof - it's easy to see why.
Respectfully submitted,
Hannibal Pace - founder/Lead Servant
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