Real Heroes Baseball Shirt
Real Heroes Baseball Shirt
Real Heroes Baseball Shirt

Real Heroes Baseball Shirt

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Real Heroes Baseball Shirt

Comic books are fun - don't get me wrong. But we have real heroes from our community to read about. Like "Little Bobby" Hutton, a foundational member of the BPPSD who was killed by police at age 17 after he had surrendered. And Fred Hampton, chairman of the Illinois chapter of the BPPSD who was also killed by police - in his sleep. And Bobby and Huey - founding members and some of the most recognizable faces of the Party. These four men are portrayed in this piece in honor of their legacy and to  highlight our belief that they were certainly "super heroes" even if you never saw them flying around with capes and tights...

  • Printed on premium textiles
  • Unisex sizing (ladies should size down e.g. if you wear a medium, choose a small)
  • Machine wash cold
  • 3/4 length sleeves
  • Tagless size/care instructions

By Free Breakfast Apparel

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