Our First Online Review!! (**SUBTITLE: The Best Way to Support Black Owned Businesses)

I'd like to start this blog entry by sending a huge THANK YOU! out to our brother Ay Dot (we'll keep his government name private just in case that is how he'd prefer it) who took his time out to review not only our line, but also several other Black Owned Businesses (caps on purpose to highlight importance). He didn't have to take his time out to do it and for this we commend him. Further, we commend him for committing to spending 10% of his annual income this year with Black Owned Businesses and we would encourage all of you out there to do the same. This is an easy way to help our community overcome some of the challenges that we face (i.e. a biased and unbalanced job market, a lack of small business lending support, etc.)  Basically, if we support them, they can grow and create jobs for US.

In the spirit of that, please take a moment to click ===> HERE and subscribe to his channel. WHO KNOWS, maybe he will be reviewing YOUR business someday soon....

Additionally, I'd just like to talk about business reviews. Often times, we don't do a review unless the experience was HORRIBLE. Even conventional wisdom suggests that the average consumer will tell a whopping ten people about a negative experience but will only share a positive experience with ONE other person. I would like to challenge you all out there to turn this around (at least as this pertains to Black owned businesses). 

If we want our experience to be better, if we want our Black Businesses to thrive, let us give them an opportunity to improve. So here are 5 suggestions on helping Black Businesses improve:

  1. Yelp - It's an online review site - simple and plain. Go on there and post a review.
  2. Youtube - create a review just like our brother Ay Dot did. Who knows, if people enjoy watching you on cam, that might even turn into a business for YOU just like it did for Marques Brownlee
  3. Tell a friend - If you have a good experience, DON'T KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!!!
  4. Communicate with the business - If you have an issue, let the business know. If you liked something, let the business know, if you will never come back, let the business know. 
  5. Be SOLUTION oriented - If you have a suggestion on how the business can meet YOUR needs better, LET THEM KNOW! As the old adage goes, "Closed mouths don't get fed."

So again, please let us commit to supporting our businesses in every way possible. And if you are curious about how we here at Free Breakfast stack up, just watch the video below :-) :-) :-) 

-H. Pace


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