Free Breakfast x JillisBlack Volume 3

TLDRIf you are pressed for time, here's the skinny: @JillisBlack and Free Breakfast Apparel are back with our 3rd collaboration entitled "What We Need"! Purchase this cool social justice themed t-shirt (or hoodie) and a portion of the sales will be donated to Gangstas To Growers: a program focused on empowering at-risk youth and the formerly incarcerated through agriculture training, employment preparation, and entrepreneurship enrichment.


I'm soooo thrilled to announce our third collaboration with our sister Jill! (You can find information on our first two campaigns here and here). Jill has been our most consistent, persistent, and sincere partners and along with YOUR support, we've been able to raise money for community based initiatives throughout the country. This time around, we're raising money for Gangstas To Growers (GTG). I'll let Jill tell you in her own words why she chose to sponsor this very worthy program:
"In a world of representation vs. revolution, it is important to remember who often gets left out of our constantly-evolving definition of progress. As we post our achievements in media, academia, and capitalism, let us continue to remember our other symbols of success. Let us recall that there are actual people who dwell inside of our article-referenced statistics. Let us remember to praise different paths to progress, favoring only those trails that are blazed with us in mind.

All of us.

Gangstas to Growers (GTG) is a 3-month agribusiness training program for our most vulnerable young adults in the Westside neighborhoods of Atlanta, Georgia. Along with working and learning on farms, GTG provides a whole range of holistic workshops and activities, including: financial literacy, nutritional cooking, group therapy, business & cooperative development, environmental responsibility, and so much more! Additionally, GTG pays its trainees through stipends. They have a mission of practicing a holistic approach, providing employment and entrepreneurial opportunities to returning citizens that live in historically underserved communities. Their vision is to actively regenerate our ecological, economic, and social landscapes with the help of our most vulnerable population. Ultimately, local farms will be full of delicious organic food, our markets and businesses will be teeming with commerce, and our communities will be vibrant and happy. And so, they need us.

All of us.

Jill and the Free Breakfast Movement will be donating $5 from each t-shirt sale and $10 from each hoodie sale to this amazing group of public servants. Please support our efforts by copping some gear AND by sharing our effort on your social media networks."

GTG is doing phenomenal, transformative, and incredibly impactful work. It's my personal pleasure to partner with Jill and YOU to help support their efforts!


Hannibal Pace, Lead Servant

About @JillisBlack: Jill is a writer, facilitator/lecturer, and community activist dedicated to effectuating substantive change by any means necessary. Book her through her website and you will be glad you did. 


  • Julia

    Yes indeed I am here for the overflow of love, support, and tribe-vibe!!! Ordering one of each for the cause!

  • Paul McMahon

    I love love love love love love this! Keep up the great work Jill!

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