I Though of You When I Heard This

TLDR: I don't want to discourage reading, but if you are pressed for time just know that dude in the pic above is a FIRE wordsmith and he wrote a poem I think you should hear. It's at the bottom of this page ;-)


Have you ever wondered what makes an amazing piece of art amazing? While the answer to this question can depend upon the specific art form, all great artwork shares one characteristic: it elicits an emotional response from the consumer. Whether we are reading a book, watching a movie, or listening to a song, we want to feel something. Fear. Excitement. Ardor. Pride. The best art plays our heartstrings and leaves us with something to talk about. And that is probably the most important function of art - to affect our spirit. 
Before we continue, let's come to an understanding of what I mean by spirit. For me, if a thing is not physical, it is spiritual. And the most obvious components of "the spirit world" are thought and emotion. Though we can't touch either, they are very much real. They are vital. They are the basis for our action. Moreover, they are the proof of the following declaration:
"Everything that exists, is ultimately spirit. It is spirit or it doesn't exist. That which is material is merely a manifestation of spirit." - Dr. Marimba Ani
At first this notion seems abstract and esoteric. But if you delve to the root, the undeniable truth is that all material things began as a thought motivated by  emotion. In fact, many businesses were born out of the emotional angst that often accompanies poverty and the perfection of business processes comes through thoughtful analysis. Nothing physical came to be without thought or emotion, so understanding the importance of the spirit world is critical for navigating the physical world. 
Speaking of, I'd say that the physical world we inhabit is suffering from spiritual sickness. Take popular art for example. The most popular movies and music are violent or salacious. Take social discourse and news media as another example. You'll find a pervasive disdain for facts and scholarship. There is an ever-increasing desire for material things. What does NOT abound, is a collective thirst for equity. And justice. And access. While there are voices here and there that call out for these things, the majority of us just don't care. And that's why the wealth gap between the haves and the have-nots is increasing. And that's why austerity is increasing. That's why the American education system is deteriorating. And that's why the wealthiest country in the world still doesn't afford free health care to all of its citizens.
Many professional liars politicians would have you think that the last two items on the list I just made are cost issues; however, a country that spends nearly $700 billion a year on its military can hardly cry broke. I want to let you know that this country has enough money to solve ALL of its problems. What it doesn't have is the will - and that's a spiritual issue. 
The clothing we produce is designed to impact your spirit. We believe that all this world needs are people who have it in their spirit to do great things and the work that comes from out of their spirit has the potential to be far reaching. Positivity can go viral. That being said, let me introduce you all to Kale Nelson. Mr. Nelson is a poet, rapper, and designer out of Detroit, Michigan and he is also the author of the poem "The War on Black Boys". A friend of mine shared it with me today and it really touched my spirit. When I heard it, I though of you. Check it out below, and if you like it, I'd invite you to give the author a shout and let him know. Edify his spirit as your spirit was edified by hearing his poem.


Hannibal Pace, Lead Servant

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