The cop who killed Botham Jean was just found guilty of murder

Amber Guyger Found Guilty of Murder
As surprising as it may be, disgraced Dallas police officer Amber Guyger has been found guilty of murdering a completely innocent and blameless man named Botham Jean. This is nearly an unprecedented act in the United States and thusly deserves a moment of reflection. 
Since 2005, of the 98 police officers who have been arrested for fatal shootings, only 3 have been found guilty of murder and had their convictions stand
Now there's been 4. Rest in Power to Botham Jean and go to hell to Amber Guyger. More information on this can be found on Atlanta Black Star's website which you can transport yourself to by clicking HERE.
Respectfully submitted,
Hannibal Pace, Founder & Lead Servant

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