Doctor admits under oath to hating Blacks, Latinx, and Jewish people (VIDEO INSIDE)

karl anthony simon memorial hermann
Close your eyes and imagine the following scene: A Black physician is stopped for texting while driving. He's also drunk. The cops take his phone for evidence. While combing through it they find text messages that say, "I wish I was golfing but I have to be in the ER taking care of these pale white monkey honkeys." Imagine that Black physician was deposed on camera and during the deposition, he admitted that he talks like this with other Black doctors all the time - but he insists that he isn't a racist. Now ask yourself, would this make national news? Would there be an outcry? Would Fox News be demanding that all of these medical professionals be investigated, fired, and imprisoned?
You bet your ass they would!
But that didn't happen. Instead, it was a white medical professional named Karl Anthony Simon who was deposed and exposed as a white supremacist. During his tenure at Memorial Hermann Memorial City Hospital, he sent many text messages that reflect his disdain for Black people, Latinx people, and even Jewish people. By his own admission. All of this while being in charge of the medical care of the same people he expressed disdain for. He called it "locker room talk". (Wait, where have we heard that before? Oh yeah. That's what the President of the United States of America called it when he was discussing his proclivity for sexual assault.)
You had no idea about this though. And that's because it hasn't made the news. It wasn't above Fox's "news" story of a woman taking selfies on a New York subway. It wasn't alongside the Huffington Post's article on Billie Eilish unseating "Old Town Road" on the Billboard Chart. Oh no. Because in the eyes of the dominant society, Black Lives do not matter. At least not as much as the Billboard Chart. Which is super crazy. I mean, would YOU like to get medical care from a person who often said cruel, racist, and derogatory things about their culture group? Would your boss? Your mom? Your neighbor? Your worst enemy? NO. NO. NO. NO. And 1,000 times NO. So why do WE have to deal with it?
Statistically, this kind of behavior is probably very common. But since America runs on racism, no one has bothered to investigate it seriously. Nor will they. I mean, why would it be investigated if it isn't even interesting enough for the dominant society to put the story on CNN? And YES, this country runs on racism. Which is why when the FBI issued a report that stated many law enforcement agencies have been infiltrated by white supremacists, nothing happened. No followup. No sting operation. No crackdown. Nothing. Just business as usual which is completely unacceptable - as is this doctor's attitude and continued employment. This trash is part of the reason why Black people don't trust doctors or hospitals. We've ALWAYS known that there's a distinct possibility of receiving subpar care at hospitals for years regardless of our socio-economic status (remember when the hospital almost killed Serena Williams by ignoring her childbirth complications?)
So what is to be done?
It's time for our community and other marginalized communities to collectively tackle the challenge of establishing and maintaining our own hospitals. And banks. And schools. And even police forces. These are some of the most important institutions that govern a person's quality of life and they also happen to be some of the institutions where racism has the potential to hurt a person the most. We MUST tackle this task. Relying upon racists can no longer be excused.
You'd be forgiven if you thought this was a hoax. Usually, if I can't find confirmation on The New York Times website, or CNN, or The Atlantic, or Democracy Now, I dismiss the story so I totally understand. That's why I've included the entire 15 minute court deposition below. Watch this disgusting individual admit to being the wretched white supremacist that he is and then ask yourself if people of color (in general) and Black people (in particular) need to get more serious about establishing our own institutions - especially hospitals.
Thanks for reading and if you agree with the message, share on social media and get involved in social justice and reform. The time for sitting idly on the sidelines is far from over....

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  • Vernell Clay

    Why is he still practicing medicine he can’t be trusted.

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