Custom Colorway Key

In an effort to serve you better, we are piloting our Custom Colorway Program for all of our t-shirts! Below you can find the available options as well as steps to ensure your tee is printed on the garment color of your choice***.
Choose your size, then ensure you have selected "CUSTOM" as your color choice as indicated in the picture below.
Put the custom colorway you chose from the key above in the "special instructions for seller" box like in the picture below. If you're purchasing (2) or more customized pieces, just let us know which colorway goes with which design. It's as easy as that to make that tee even more exclusive!
***Offer is dependent upon stock availability. In rare instances, the size/color combination you choose may not be available. If for some reason that is the case, we'll contact you to determine an alternative. If an alternative isn't available, or if you don't want the piece in any other color, you'll be refunded completely.