Remember when that nazi Richard Spencer got punched during a live interview?

So yeah, I feel like being petty. This post isn't kid friendly. I'm online, in public, declaring proudly that this incident of violence made me very, very, VERY happy. 
But here's the thing. the victim is a guy named Richard Spencer. He errantly believes that white people are the superior race and that America belongs to whites. He openly muses about Black genocide. Do I feel sympathy for this scumbag? ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY NOT.
If you are disappointed and disagree, I apologize. Please tap the "X" in the upper right hand corner :-(
If you think you would like to see this degenerate take an 'L', then click play below and enjoy :-)
Hannibal Pace


  • Hannibal

    Well done, very well done indeed. To date Spencer has not given an interview in that manner again.

  • Ashley

    I rather enjoyed watching tbis.

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