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Guess who's collaborating with @JillisBlack to raise money for the Decarceration Collective??? March 01 2017, 4 Comments

JillisBlack and Free Breakfast are proud to announce our charitable fundraising collaboration!!!!

Remember when that nazi Richard Spencer got punched during a live interview? February 04 2017, 2 Comments

Most times its saddening to hear about people being the victim of violence. MOST times....

Brother Polight vs The Racist Scientologists September 08 2015, 3 Comments

Brother Polight, New Covenant Founder and Lecturer, inspires the community to run racist scientologists out of the community!!!

Is it legal to shoot African American people? April 11 2014, 0 Comments

It's a ridiculous question, but if it is NOT legal to shoot African American people, then why were 136 UNARMED African American people killed by police and security personnel in 2012 alone?

Interview: Hi. My name is Officer Dante Servin and I murdered Rekia Boyd. April 07 2014, 0 Comments

Did we really stumble upon an interview with Rekia Boyd's shooter?